Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Reviews

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Nick P.

Russell’s Kung Fu San Soo is an excellent place to train. Master Sean makes this art easy to learn with step by step instructions on how to execute the moves correctly. The environment is encouraging and friendly and everyone is always willing to help each other out. Each lesson taught is geared towards real life situations and can immediately be put to use in any street fight. My son and I have been training for four months and have loved it since day one. I highly recommend this martial art to anyone who wants great self defense training.

Nick P.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Patti P.

We’ve been to a couple of Dojos and master Sean Russel is the most amazing teacher. He connects with anyone- honestly. Feel blessed my boys are learning how to defend themselves from him. Highly recommend!

Patti P.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Cheryl M.

My son was jumped at school on a Friday. I called late Saturday and told the owner of Russell's Kung Fu San Soo what happened to my son. He was so understanding and had such empathy for my son, that he offered to stay after hours to help show my son some self defense moves. He even discounted my son's first lesson and showed my other 2 boys some moves too. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone I know.

Cheryl M.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Daniel P.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo is a great school to learn how to defend yourself in real life situations. Master Sean is extremely knowledgeable and really works with each individual to ensure they are learning and progressing. The instructors and students all work together and encourage each other. This martial art is for people who want to be able to handle real life confrontations either small or life-threatening. Easily one of the best decisions I've ever made to come here. Not only are the people here friendly and encouraging, but learning this martial art can end up saving your life one day.

Daniel P.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Nic M.

I've been through a few dojos in my time and nothing is more welcoming than this dojo. It makes you extremely confident, the instructors really take the time to work with you and even the students are super helpful. If you've been looking OR you're not comfortable where you're at then I'd highly recommend Russell's Kung Fu. Affordable and if your pockets are hurting, they will work with you. It's not about money here, it's about getting you in the dojo to train!

Nic M.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Brain G.

Master Sean is an excellent teacher, he is amazing teaching the kids. My son is one of those kids with bags of energy and a lack of focus, in the few months he has been coming we have noticed huge positive changes in him. The changes stretch far beyond his training and have flowed in to his school work. In the few months he has been here even his handwriting has improved 100% as he is starting to focus.Not only will you child or any adult learn defense skills that are based on real situations , they will gain so many new life skills.

Brain G.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Robert M.

Russell's Kung Fu has been great. I had been looking for a real self defense art for a while before I found Russell's Kung Fu. Sean has been great. He is knowledgeable and takes his time with every student, making sure you are getting the basics down. You will be hard pressed to find a more legitimate self defense art.

Robert M.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Brandee G.

Master Sean has been such a huge help with our son! He has learned respect, discipline and self defense. He is always positive and encouraging and at the same time he won't let him get away with not giving it his all. He is helping to form my 8 year old into a wonderful person with great values and we are so proud of how far he's come since starting a year and a half ago.

Brandee G.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Mark A.

I used to be afraid of defending myself against bigger opponents. But after the training and mental discipline I went through at Russells Kung Fu, I overcame that fear. The whole experience has changed my life forever and I feel like a completely different person. Thank you Sean!

Mark A.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Alan W.

Sean Russell and his team of professional & courteous instructors make this place a must for Kung Fu San Soo development. Classes for the entire family is a plus.

Alan W.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo George R.

Amazing school and instruction. My son has been attending for 2 years now, he started when he was 5 yrs old. He loves it. Master Shawn makes each class fun and challenging. He doesn't give out belts every few months like many other schools, they have to earn it, it takes about a year or so to move up in the ranks. Shawn' s kids are black belts and assist occasionally. Master Rick is another instructor, who is just amazing. They learn an actual fighting move every class which is very useful in everyday life. Love the school and atmosphere. Highly recommend this school and style.

George R.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Jeff K.

Including Shaun he has three masters the teach out of this studio. So the input that you can get is great. If you want to learn to defend yourself and get some exercise. With out breaking the bank or your back, this place is for you. Check it out!

Jeff K.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Lisa A.

I feel my kids are REALLY learning to defend themselves. The situational training and camaraderie among the students makes the classes fun and has boosted their confidence. My kids say that Master Russell and his staff are patient and encouraging. Russell's Kung Fu makes learning easy, and you can see that San Soo is extremely effective as you watch class. Can't say enough about the school and the instructors.

Lisa A.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Cecilia R.

My son has been coming here for two years now and we absolutely love it. He has learned discipline, self control, etc. Master Sean is amazing, patient and absolutely wonderful with the kids. We will continue coming as long as we can;)

Cecilia R.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Cheryl M.

I called Russells Kung Fu San Soo, late on a Saturday. I told them my son got jumped at school on Friday, and I wondered if someone could show my son some self defense moves before going back to school. They were so nice and understanding of what happened to my son, not only did the owner offer to stay after hours to help show my son some self defense techniques.

He had a heart to discount it and show all 3 of my son's some self defense moves. I was really blessed and appreciative of his support and amazing customer service. He even called to see how my son was doing the next day at school. I will recommend this place to all my friends and look forward to many more classes now for all my boys. Can't wait to see my boys build life long self confidence and learn how to protect themselves for the future, so they are safe when I can't protect them. Might even have my husband and I try some classes too.

Thank you Russells Kung Fu San Soo.

Cheryl M.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Sylvia W.

As a school owners ourselves, Sean's school is a wonderful model for us. He has always been helpful with advise. Look at his other reviews the are a true testament to his work ethic and understanding.

Sylvia W.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Celine O.

I just started about a month ago and i was going through a hard time, dealing with school/life is very stress full. I come here to get my mind off of things and have fun. Im starting to meet friends more and im happy here. I think without them i would be going down a dangerous path, but everyone is like a second family. they make me feel comfortable and im starting to open up more, saying hi even to the people in my class is helping me so much. I have never been more happy to come to his class, meeting friends and just to learn. I will always be grateful for everyone who has become my second family.

Celine O.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Holly P.

The instructors wonderful, positive, generous people who teach awesome self defense techniques. You can really tell that the instructors are truly doing what they love and are passionate about what they do.

Holly P.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Steve L.

My experience with Russell's Kung Fu has been profound. I have earned my 1st degree and will soon be testing for my 2nd degree black belt in this amazing combat art. There are no words to adequately describe the camaraderie that develops among the students as we train in this ancient fighting art. The master teachers here truly love this art and always teach with high energy and enthusiasm. The lessons learned here have built confidence and character in all areas of my life. Formal Salute!

Steve L.

Russell's Kung Fu San Soo Joe C.

I have to say that this art displays what the martial arts are truly about. I have learned more from this art than I did in styles like Karate or Tar Kwon Do. Not to say that one style is greater than another, but in this school you learn quickly the difference between competition fighting and fighting in the streets.

Joe C.

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