Master Sean Russell Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Master Sean Russell


On July 20, 2013 Master Sean Russell was inducted in to the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Master Instructor of the Year. Along with this award he also became an esteemed member of the International Martial Arts Council of America. Master Sean’s Kung Fu San Soo training commenced August 1983 earning his Black Belt in 1988. Sean is a well-respected and beloved Sifu who humbly accepted his Master’s Degree from admired and esteemed Master Carl Lorenzen.


Kung Fu San Soo Master Instructor

Russell’s Kung Fu San Soo September 2009 to Present

Practicing Kung Fu San Soo since 1983

Self defense, confidence building, one of the oldest mixed martial arts known to man, GET IN SHAPE WHILE LEARNING A SKILL THAT LAST A LIFETIME!

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