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  • Kids Martial Arts and Adult Martial Arts Classes in Murrieta

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    We proudly serve the Murrieta area! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Women'sSelf Defense, and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Youtube ....

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  • About Us

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Do I have to be in GREAT shape to get started?
    No! The staff of Russell’s Martial Arts takes pride in getting each and every client in the best shape possible. It’s our job! There is no need to wait, if you have the itch to get in shape and learn how to defend yourself we can make it super easy for you to get started. Do you have classes for beginners?
    Yes, and you don’t need any previous experience. From day one, you will learn beginner techniques and be elevated at your own pace through the training. Am I too Old to Start Learning Martial Arts?
    Absolutely Not! The Art we teach here at Russell’s Martial Arts is for All ....

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  • About Kung Fu San Soo

    About Kung Fu San Soo
    What is Kung Fu San Soo? Kung Fu San Soo is considered, by many, to be the most sophisticated and complete form of martial arts in existence today. Inside Kung Fu Magazine refers to San Soo as “Legendary” and “Devastating”. Both of these statements could be considered opinion and many consider them fact, but all agree that Kung Fu San Soo is not a sport. By it’s very definition; the complete use of a man in hand to hand combat, the art cannot conform to the specifications of being a sport. In order for it to be a sport, it must be governed by a set of rules. However, if a set of rules were applied to San Soo, a fighter’s ....

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  • Form – Function – Energy

    Forms are not individual movements. Forms are energetic changes between movements like the wind blowing through a leaf covered tree. The leaves and the tree branches are moved by the wind’s energy in virtually limitless movement combinations. Do not let yourself become trapped or limited by the “form” or pattern, just understand the guiding foundation of the movements or the internal structure of the form. At an advanced stage, this will allow you to freely express the style of movement you are practicing, regardless of the “style.” Of course, you need to “truly understand” the system and the pattern of movements to be able to freely express the ....

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  • Military Martial Arts Forms in Civilian Life

    There is nothing new under the sun. People and governments have been fighting since the beginning of time. There are many good styles, arts or fight instructors that teach martial art skills. It is just plain confusing if you don’t understand martial arts or the egos that are involved with who is the best. This really depends on many variables: the weather, how the person is feeling at any given moment, are they caught by surprise, did they learn skills that are based in reality or some dweeb’s warped idea that they can stop an attack with their mental telepathy. Let’s face it a six-year-old with a stick can beat up a world champion if caught off guard (ask me about the ....

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  • Kung Fu San Soo “The Art without a Champion”

    Kung Fu San Soo is the ancient Chinese Art of self-defense, it’s strategy is offensive and designed for combat. Your best defense is a good offense. Kung Fu originated in China about 3,000 years ago. It was created completely as a combat technique not for sport. Kung Fu San Soo in today’s world isn’t about who can beat up an opponent to win a trophy or money. It is about learning how to get home safely to your loved ones without injury. Kung Fu relies on physics not spirits or supernatural power for the use of its techniques. The techniques were created from knowledge of man’s natural ability to fight against his opponent’s weak points, the human nervous ....

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  • San Soo – Superior Art

    Kung Fu San Soo has a wide range of strategies and techniques while most other martial arts maintain only a limited offering. For example: “Karate” specializes in punches, kicks and a few leg sweeps: “Judo” utilizes various throws and leverages, but seldom uses kicks or strikes; “Aikido” redirects an opponent’s force by throwing or sweeping and then may apply leverage to the joints. San Soo Kung Fu fighters can go into almost any type of martial arts school and, if they are a longtime student, will observe techniques which they previously learned. The reverse of this is not true. I find students from other arts are usually amazed at San Soo’s ....

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  • How is Wing Chun like San Soo Kung Fu

    Wing Chun and San Soo are both highly organized arts that specialize in quick old fashioned Ass-Kicking! Both arts have a short game that can Annihilate an assailant in seconds if performed correctly. Striking vital points that can not be strengthened a small person can stop a gorilla! (Please do not try on actual gorilla!) For more information on Wing Chun and San Soo click below. When looking at Wing Chun and San Soo The history of Kung Fu San Soo and Wing Chun are elusive. But, it is with certainty that Shaolin Monks organized both arts in their base system making them very similar in their applications. Both Kung Fu San Soo and Wing Chun utilize angles of attack and ....

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