How is Wing Chun like San Soo Kung Fu

Wing Chun and San Soo are both highly organized arts that specialize in quick old fashioned Ass-Kicking! Both arts have a short game that can Annihilate an assailant in seconds if performed correctly. Striking vital points that can not be strengthened a small person can stop a gorilla!


(Please do not try on actual gorilla!)


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When looking at Wing Chun and San Soo The history of Kung Fu San Soo and Wing Chun are elusive. But, it is with certainty that Shaolin Monks organized both arts in their base system making them very similar in their applications.


Both Kung Fu San Soo and Wing Chun utilize angles of attack and rotation which allow you to apply the art effectively in self-defense, especially the most likely victims of crime -women, children, and the elderly.


Wing Chun is mainly a close-quarter combat art. When taught correctly, Kung Fu San Soo offers a more well-rounded set of tools. San Soo is not only close quarter combat but it also teaches medium and long distance combat combining economy of motion with street psychology. Kung Fu San Soo is a system of movement not a stylized martial art. San Soo is scientific in nature and unparalleled in all areas of combat. San Soo is taught in many Special Forces programs under other names. In hand-to-hand combat, even against multiple attackers, San Soo will give you the advantage much like putting the “magic” back into kung fu by using the “science of physics”.


San Soo training offers the following benefits:


- Employs attacks to vulnerable areas of the body such as the throat, neck, groin, eyes and many other areas that are weak points in any person despite their size and strength.


- Teaches manipulation of the opponent much like a cat playing with a mouse. This keeps the opponent close while his body reacts to strikes to the vulnerable areas.


- Uses the opponent’s balance and energy against them making the San Soo techniques effective.


- Teaches simple-to-learn, yet effective self-defense in a short period of time.


- Maintains health and builds the practitioner’s structure and balance while training.


- Emphasizes using good technique vs. force against force to protect against an assailant allowing persons of weaker or smaller stature to apply the methods.


If you are looking for a complete martial art Kung Fu San Soo will more than satisfy.


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