San Soo – Superior Art

Kung Fu San Soo has a wide range of strategies and techniques while most other martial arts maintain only a limited offering. For example: “Karate” specializes in punches, kicks and a few leg sweeps: “Judo” utilizes various throws and leverages, but seldom uses kicks or strikes; “Aikido” redirects an opponent’s force by throwing or sweeping and then may apply leverage to the joints. San Soo Kung Fu fighters can go into almost any type of martial arts school and, if they are a longtime student, will observe techniques which they previously learned. The reverse of this is not true. I find students from other arts are usually amazed at San Soo’s versatility.


Let’s look at some of the options we have: Punches, Kicks, throws, sweeps, leverages against bones or joints, nerve or ground techniques, a variety of options which escalate from gentle control techniques to aggressive attacks, grappling (chin-na) and more. Most importantly, we can combine, add, subtract and vary our attack to respond with endless combinations. This is very difficult for most other arts to comprehend. Students from other systems have taken many arts and tried to combine the best of the systems. When they attempt to combine a linear karate system with a circular Aikido system it just doesn’t work or flow as well. We don’t have to do that, it’s all here in one complete system. Think about it. When we have all of the movements in our system and most martial art systems only have a partial piece it proves that Kung Fu San Soo is the original art. Our roots go back to primitive combat. The other systems evolved with partial sections of techniques, which were favored by an instructor who passed only what he preferred.


One caution I might add: San Soo is a superior Art – but DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE other practitioners. What some do, they do very well! Treat all men with respect and fight only when you have no option. Remember, an opponent might be as capable of hurting us as we are of hurting him.


San soo kung fu is best learned by daily application. If you believe you are ready to take your martial arts knowledge to the next level, stop by our gym! Give yourself something that will last a lifetime.

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