Kung Fu San Soo “The Art without a Champion”

Kung Fu San Soo is the ancient Chinese Art of self-defense, it’s strategy is offensive and designed for combat. Your best defense is a good offense. Kung Fu originated in China about 3,000 years ago. It was created completely as a combat technique not for sport. Kung Fu San Soo in today’s world isn’t about who can beat up an opponent to win a trophy or money. It is about learning how to get home safely to your loved ones without injury. Kung Fu relies on physics not spirits or supernatural power for the use of its techniques. The techniques were created from knowledge of man’s natural ability to fight against his opponent’s weak points, the human nervous system. A man doesn’t train to fight with Kung Fu to entertain other people but to defend himself in times of necessity.


The psychology of the Kung Fu San Soo is to never give a man a chance to hurt you. This can be done through self-defense or offense. The best way is to build your confidence enough through training to walk away if possible and not put yourself in situations where you may be hurt. In a fight there are no such things as rules and regulations; you don’t fight because you decided to you only fight when given no other choice. The only thing that matters is that you win. If you lose it may mean your life. The video below will explain in greater detail.


Kung Fu San Soo is not so much a style of martial arts as it is a system of movement. The San Soo System taps into the conditioned reflex vs. the nervous reflex. Techniques are taught to the students in combinations that are practiced until each movement becomes a conditioned reflex. The conditioned reflex is the fastest human reflex. The difference in a thought reaction and a conditioned reaction is that a thought reaction requires a decision to be made before reacting. In a fight, this is dangerous and slow because you must decide where to strike an attacker, which hand or foot to use which takes too much time. The conditioned reaction is to already know where and how you will strike just like learning to type on a keyboard.


After some practice, you do not need to look at the alphabet keys you will automatically strike the correct key to place a letter. A student can learn to punch, kick, flip or throw, leverage and grapple but without a system to deliver it properly the individual technique is useless. It would be like writing a letter on paper and trying to email across the country without a “computer system” to upload it into to send.


Kung Fu San Soo techniques have been developed over hundreds of years to stop an assailant as quickly as possible. San Soo is one of the most effective combat techniques ever created. So much time was spent on the perfection of the techniques if practiced properly a student does not have to question the effectiveness.

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